Sing What You Mean

Scene: 1

SOUND: Shuffling can be heard as GUEST comes to.


W-where am-

host (sung)

Welcome to SI~NG What You Meeeean!


W-what? Excuse me bu-


No no no no, listen:


You have to SI~NG What You Me~ean.


I don’t understand.


You have to siiing eeeeverything~


Sing everyth-




No… No, I don’t think so. What time is it? I have to be late for work by n-

SOUND: a high-pitched held note close to an ear piercing screech is heard. (presumably from host)


Okay, okay! I get it…


Oh, Wonderful!


But remember to…


To sing every-



GUEST (haphazardly sung)



So I believe you were about to tell us about your work.




Could you please expa~nd on that for us?


I’m just a cashier at Walmart.


How interesting~. What got you into cashiering?


Stupid student loans… When can I go home?

SOUND: host laughs

GUEST (cautiously SUNG)

What’s so funny?


SOUND: sirens



What’s that?


Uh, nothing, I’m sure!


I’m pretty sure that sounds like police si-


It’s NOTHING! Amanda, cut to commercial break while we sort out some… technical difficulties.


(commercial break)


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MASCOT (sung)

If you wanna kill quick, choose arsenic!


Journal 5- the Wind Rises

this past week i re-watched a new favorite of mine, Miyazaki’s Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises). when i saw it in theaters in japan i was so focused on trying to understand what everyone was saying that i didn’t have a chance to really pay as much attention to the animation as i would have liked to.

awhile back i posted about how low budget flash cartoons like The Ricky Gervais Show got away with using as little frames as possible, Kaze Tachinu doesn’t cut any corners. in fact, it seemed to have gone out of it’s way to make it harder to animate in order to get it’s beautiful non-stop motion and dramatic shots. everything is always moving but its done in such a graceful matter that you don’t get too overwhelmed.

this movie is definitely an experience. the story is incredibly simple but very emotional. its less about the main character’s growth than the solemness and poverty of japan during WWII clashed with the brilliance of these fantastic air crafts built.

Mystery Skulls- “Ghost” and Fan-made Content

this fan-made animated music video is a perfect example for why youtube needs to calm down a bit. for a while youtube has been a tyrant about users having copyrighted material in their videos, even when they properly credit their sources, but more times than not fan-made material will help bring in new viewers and revenue.

i, as many of my classmates, had never even heard of the band Mysters Skulls before one of my friends came into art club with a cool animated video they found on the internet. the video itself was so creative and had such an interesting story to it that you just had to keep watching it and it wasn’t long before the tune was stuck in my head.

i checked some of their other music because of this video and i would recommend it. the fan made video has a lot of replay value since there’s so much story that it’s nearly impossible to catch it all the fist time. it plays off of the old scooby doo cartoons a lot from the over all tone, color pallet, character designs, and the simple hanna barbara style of animation. the animators took advantage of animation loops to make it both simple and rhythmic. the colors are very vibrant and made the scenery and characters pop but not overwhelm. the video pays good attention to how the music flows and incorporates that in their direction.

the illusion of movement

animation is usually described as making art move, and that’s mostly valid for 3-d animation, but not entirely for 2-d animation. 2-d animation is just a ton of pictures one after another that present the illusion that there are things moving across the screen. it’s more interesting to note that not too many frames are needed to create this affect.

while it’s true that high end animation looks a lot smoother and more alive, lower budget cartoons achieve movement in a much simpler, admittedly less attractive, way. if they want a character to move their head, all they need are drawings of a straight on view and a profile view of the face.

you’re brain merely takes in the information provided and assumes there was actually movement between the two positions. this can be implemented facial expressions and, with a few more frames, full walk cycles.

a good example would be the animated version of the Ricky Gervais show. this kind of animation is good because its simply putting an image to a prerecorded radio show. to be honest, you spend more time laughing than looking at the work anyway.

and while i rather higher quality animation, learning what you can get away with is crucial since you’ll never be able to create completely life like animation. strive for the best you could do anyway.

The Ricky Gervais Show – Season 3, Episode 5

journal 2- Urbance Lives!

A year ago my friends showed me a preview called Urbance. We were all pretty excited for the show to start but it never did. I thought it was a shame since the art style, animation, and color pallet seemed out of this world and deserved a little more backing than what it got.

I’m pleased to announce that Steambot, the studio responsible for the preview, began a Kickstarter to try and raise $189,000 dollars to start making the show. As of now they’ve raised $56,998 with 743 backers. I wish them luck, and i can’t wait to see how it turns out.

when my paycheck clears, i plan on pledging $45 for the “Bully Pack”.


journal 1- knights of sidonia

recently i started to watch an anime called knigts of sidonia, whic uses all 3d models instead of 2d puppets like most anime these days.

the plus side to this is that its cheaper and quicker to get more fluid animation, but the faces look creepy because theyre not really rigged. the mouth opens i=and closes but the face doesnt move with it and the eyes dont change shape. it all looks very doll like.

ill probably continue watching the show, but the faces still kinda creep me out…